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Cyndy has lived in Colorado most of her life, moving there at fourteen, following her parent's divorce.

At sixteen, she was offered her first teaching gig, a precious 4th grade Sunday School class. Over the years she taught all ages from pre-school through adult and led countless women's Bible studies. She also directed the Christian Education program at two churches. 

She married at nineteen and had two daughters. Six years later her marriage ended in divorce. She remarried, but in the midst of her healing process, went through another divorce, forcing her to move and start a new life in order to support her, then, teenage girls. 

In 1991 she began a very painful healing journey that lasted nine years. She had many garbage piles that had never been dealt with: loss when her older brother ran away and never returned, her parent's divorce, sexual abuse at school, and the end of her marriage. A few years into her healing process she began to remember other wounds related to ritual abuse and was diagnosed as dissociative. That began the most difficult part of her healing, but God provided everything she needed and did an amazing restorative work in her life. 

She moved to Colorado Springs in 1996 and began a new life. Today she is married to Bryan, a general contractor. Their blended family includes four adult children, her step-daughter who died in 2004, and many blessed grandchildren, the delight of her life. 

Nothing has been wasted. God has taken the wreckage of Cyndy's past and used it for his good, teaching her of his power, love and faithfulness. After redeeming her life from the pit, he led her to begin a ministry writing about, and teaching on the biblical principles of healing.​
Meet Cyndy
...There is no wound so ugly or painful that God cannot heal it ...
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