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Devotional #35
February 4

God’s Word is Essential
Read Scripture Daily

We must pay the most careful attention,
therefore, to what we have heard,
so that we do not drift away. Hebrews 2:1

   I find it fascinating to watch drivers respond (me included) to those flashing speed limit machines. They work! Even though the speed limit is clearly posted, it is much harder to ignore when a machine is flashing your offense right in your face. 
Whether we are speeding because we don’t care if we break the law, or because we’re lying to ourselves about how fast we’re going, or we’re simply not paying attention, the flashing machines speak the truth and will prevent a ticket if we heed the warning.

   Scripture is God’s flashing machine. That’s why we need to read it every day; we need it flashing before our eyes so we don’t offend God by breaking his laws. We need his guidance and encouragement all the time. 

   Can anyone read a passage of Scripture one time and then follow it forever? We need regular reminders. For me that means I need to review the directions daily; I need to read my Bible every morning before anything has a chance to distract me. If I neglect this, I will quickly drift away into territories where I don’t belong, territories like judgment, worry, fear, and prideful living.

   It’s not that we don’t know what it says (at least not usually), or that we don’t know right from wrong, it’s that we freely ignore God’s signs of truth. Life is distracting for all of us and we too easily drift away from what is right. 

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